About Express Car Parts

New Car Parts from Express Car Parts, established in 1995 as a car parts wholesaler supplying new car spares of an original equipment quality for European and Japanese cars and Light commercial to local motor traders in Sussex from our branch at Haywards Heath . Horsham Depot opened in January 2009 to deal with the demand from our garage and retail customers, the new site covers some 10,000 sqft giving us a large stock holding to supply parts on a daily basis.

We supply New car parts to cover all aspects of the car and light commercial market, these include the following : Brake pads,brake discs,brake calipers,brake shoes and wheel cylinders, driveshafts, c.v.joints, exhausts, exhaust catalysts,car filtration, spark plugs,ignition coils, alternators ,starter motors, shock absorbers ,springs, radiators plus many more new car parts to mention.

All of our new car parts come from all the leading manufacturers from around the world who supply the car manufacturers with their original parts.

Our Sales people have a wealth of experience gained over 25 years in the car spares market. They have the ability to identify the right part either by our MAM parts look up system or you the customer providing us with an original manufactures part number if you so wish.

Our car parts look-up systems are the latest versions that are available in our industry today and are updated daily with new information on all car details, with all the latest model cars being added when parts become available to us from our parts suppliers, all this we believe gives us the best technical ability and sales knowledge available to the car parts wholesaler today.

So if you cannot find the car spare you are looking for on our web based car parts look-up system then please remember we are only a telephone call away and we will gladly help you find the correct car spare for your vehicle we would rather you phoned us to make sure the car part number you wish to order is correct or to let us help you order the correct part number via our on line ordering system.

All our parts supplied are of matching quality to the original part and can be fitted on cars from new as they meet or exceed the current EU Block exemption legislation rule 1400/2002 which states that “the service and repairs during the vehicles warranty period do not require the use of parts supplied by either the dealer or supplied via the Vehicle Assemblers parts network”. So the source of a matching quality car parts is up to you the customer.

Our shops are open on the following days and hours.

Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5.30pm

Saturday 8.30am to 1.00pm

Sunday closed all day.

All prices quoted on the web site include VAT @ 20%