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FAI Auto Parts Steering and Suspension

Fai Steering and Suspension Car Parts

One of FAI’s key Core values is best quality. In order to achieve this there are many quality processes in place with the manufacture of the parts that FAI supply. Let’s consider the aluminium parts. The aluminium is tested for the correct hardness and tensile strength to meet the requirements for the application and challenges of our roads and terrain . All wishbones and control arms are measured during machining at regular intervals to ensure dimensions remain consistent and in line with a detailed technical drawing. The swing angle of the ball joint is checked along with a torque test.

Matching OE specifications and strength is key. A push/pull test of the ball joints on link rods and tie rod ends is performed on both the FAI part and the matching OE part to ensure that the results and quality are both the same. Link rods also experience a vibration test with a minimum of 1 million cycles to replicate the performance of the link rod on a vehicle.

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Car Strut Top Mounts

Car Strut Top Mounts.

Strut Mounts
Strut mounts have multiple roles: First, they have to keep struts firmly in place and absorb some of the shocks from road bumps.
Second, they have to provide a good sound insulation, or the road noises and vibrations will travel from the struts through the vehicle’s body and into the cabin. For this reason, strut mounts have a rubber cushion, so there is no metal to metal contact between the strut and the body.
Third, in cars with MacPherson struts in the front end, front struts turn together with the front wheels when steering left or right. To allow for that, front strut mounts in these cars have a strut bearing.

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Delphi Steering and Suspension

Car Steering and Suspension

Integral to its ride, handling and safety, a vehicle’s steering and suspension system is an intricate network of linked components. Since this system is also typically one of the first affected when it comes to road abuse, those same parts can be the first to wear out or even fail – accelerating wear and tear on other parts, and compromising the vehicle’s stability, control and ultimately safety. That’s why we leave no stone unturned when it comes our steering and suspensions parts. Each and everyone undergoes rigorous dimension, material, durability and performance tests, helping to ensure they perform just like the OE. No matter what the conditions.Delphi

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Suplex Car Coil Springs-Express Car Parts

Suplex coil springs held in stock by Express Car Parts.

Outstanding Quality!

  • The highest quality chrome vanadium and silicon chrome alloy steels
  • Carefully controlled shot peening process significantly increases
    the fatigue life of the spring
  • Phosphate coating to protect the spring steel from corrosion
  • Tough, epoxy powder coating protects the underlying spring steel
    from mechanical damage