Laser 5498 Specialist Automotive Socket Set



1/2″ drive impact automotive socket set consisting of many of the difficult to find socket types not found in standard kits.

Additional Information

  • Includes M10S (special profile 6 pnt socket) for Toyota idler gear centre fixings, 20mm 10 point socket for Honda Civic lower control arm bolts.
  • M6S, M8S, M12S (special profile 6 pt) for Nissan and Renault clutches, cylinder heads and balance shaft fixings.
  • 8TS special 3 point profile for Nissan Balance shaft fixings.
  • 10 and 12mm 5 sided (pentagon) sockets for Nissan brake and fuel pump fixings 19mm 5 sided socket for Citroen, Peugeot and Renault brake calliper mounting plate fixings.
  • 14mm 5 sided socket for Smart car, Astra G and Zafira brake caliper mounting plate fixings (available as 4149). Manufactured from Chrome Vanadium