PRO-LIFT G1250 Trolley Jack Aluminum Light Weight 1.25Ton Lift

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Pro-Lift Garage Jacks are the standard in the DIY world.

  • Universal joint – Ensures smooth release valve operation.
  • Double Handle Spring – minimizes stress on the power unit during operation by spreadingtorque evenly across the pump assembly.
  • Compact build & Light weight at 16 Kg
  • Saddle pad included.
  • Lifting range 89-354 mm

Pro-Lift Garage jacks are distibuted by ShinFu Company of America.   Shinn Fu Company of America, Inc. (SFA) performs its functions in marketing, sales, service and distributing products throughout North, Central and South America. Over the past 40 years, SFA has become the leading distributor of hydraulic lift equipment in the US and Canada, which reflects a widely recognized reputation for quality and service.


1.25 Ton

Lifting range

  89-354 mm