Ring Auto Expel Misting Machine & Sanitising Liquid


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Ring Auto Expel Misting Machine & 3L Sanitising Liquid.

Due to its unique formula Ring Auto Expel sanitises the entire vehicle cabin, including the air-conditioning system.

As well as creating a safe clean environment for you and your customers, the mist will freshen the vehicle cabin, reducing stubborn odours.

This machine comes equipped with 3 x 1L sanitising fluids (Lemon fresh, Showroom fresh, Forest Cherry)

1L of Sanitising fluid covers 40 vehicles.


  • Biocidal formula proven to kill Enveloped-Viruses

    Such as Coronavirus and MRSA

  • Suitable for use on all surfaces

    Including leather and cloths

  • Dry mist system

    The mist machine heats up the sanitising liquid and produces a fine dry mist. No wet residue left on the surfaces

  • Easy to use

    Vehicle will be free from bacteria and viruses within
    30 minutes. Run the mist machine for just five minutes and allow the dry mist to settle for 25 minutes

  • Can sanitise the vehicles air-conditioning system

    Simply switch on the recycle air to pass the mist through the air-conditioning system for a complete sanitised vehicle

  • Eliminates all foul odours
  • Leaves a fresh scent in the vehicle
  • ROHS approved mist machine