RING RBGDC50 Compact HD 2.7in Dash Camera-Express Car Parts


Honest John Kit

Honest John Kit

“ideal if you’re seeking an affordable, reliable dash cam from a recognised brand”

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Dash camera with large 2.7″ screen, to capture the action on the road. The 120° degree lens and large screen give a wide view of the road. 1080HD resolution provides clear video footage, while loop recording continuously captures footage, overwriting old files with no manual changes to make. No need to worry about important files though – you can choose to lock the ones you want to keep. The device automatically turns itself on when you start your car, and off again when you stop the engine – meaning it won’t drain your battery once you’ve parked up. Easy to install, set up and use. Includes audio recording, as well as shock sensor technology, which automatically saves any footage in the event of a collision.

Always use a high quality SD card from a reputable source. The RBGDC50 requires a micro SD card up to 32GB.