Ring Auto Expel Sanitising Liquid – Showroom Fresh


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Ring Auto Expel 1L Sanitising Liquid – Showroom fresh

Biocidal formula proven to kill enveloped viruses – such as Coronavirus and MRSA.

Eliminates stubborn odours

Converts to a dry mist. No residue will be left in the vehicle after sanitising and is suitable on all materials including leather, cloth and plastic.

Expels Bacteria, Viruses, Funghi & Yeast

Fresh scent

1L Covers 40 Vehicles


Additional information

Forest Cherry

1L of Forest Cherry Ring Auto Expel Sanitising Fluid

Showroom Fresh

1L of Showroom Fresh Ring Auto Expel Sanitising Fluid

Lemon Fresh

1L of Lemon fresh Ring Auto Expel Sanitising Fluid