Front Lower Suspension Arm Right Hand Fai SS2859

Code: FAISS2859


10 in stock

10 in stock


Brand New unit SS2859 right hand lower suspension arm/Wishbone

FAI specialise in all safety-critical components, with all ball joint and fixing designs going through stringent tensile testing to ensure a quality product. To guarantee a high quality, safe Steering & Suspension component, FAI follows 4 key safety processes.

• Salt Spray Testing – Tested for corrosion resistance of the surface coating, simulating accelerated conditions from the real-world operating environment.
• Strength & Load – In such safety-critical load-bearing components, strength is crucial. FAI components are subjected to numerous testing methods including Hardness Control, Material Load, Ball Pin Strength,        Rotational Torque Testing and Link Rod Pull & Vibration Testing.
• Detailed Analysis – FAI undertake detailed analysis such as Metallographic Examination and Chemical Analysis of all rubber and metal components.
• Lifetime & Fatigue – To maximise product lifespan

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